From bassist to music editor and sound engineer, Tommy Lockett,

CEO, of HEAT RECORDS has been making music since he attended the renown

Berklee School of Music in Boston in the late 70’s. There he studied composition

with Michael Gibbs, and played in Herb Pomeroy’s recording band where he met

Frank Macchia who hired him as Bassist for his Jazz Fusion band, BOOGA

BOOGA. At the same time, he studied Audio Engineering and Music Synthesis

with Michael Rendish and played regularly with a Free jazz Group called

SEARCH performing with THE ART ENSEMBLE OF CHICAGO, featuring

Lester Bowie, Arthur Blythe, Tiger Okoshi, The Fringe, Baird Heresy, and The

Year of the Ear.

In 1981, Lockett moved to San Francisco with Booga Booga, immersing himself

in the local music scene meeting and playing with artists such as Mingo Lewis

(Chick Corea, Todd Rungren, The Tubes), Atma Anur, Colin chin, Herb Pomeroy,

Ron Feuer, David Goldblatt, Michael Moore, Rick Vandivier, Ray Frisbie, Lindsey

Boullt, to name a few. In the mid-80’s he joined THE PICKLE FAMILY

CIRCUS, a single ring European circus where he performed with artist Bill Irwin,

Geoff Hoyle, Masha Dimitri and Larry Pisoni. Many of the performers went on

to work with the “Cirque du Soleil.

A move to Los Angeles in the late 80’s found him playing with “THE 21st

BAND” aka “ELECTRIO”. He quickly gained a reputation as being a highly

skilled bassist and became the ‘ghost’ bassist for many heavy metal bands whose

regular players looked good but couldn’t hold a beat! His engineering talent led

him to Japan to record and mix for “THE FULL MOON SHOW”, featuring host

Robbie Robertson of “THE BAND”.

Since then Lockett has had the opportunity to record such artists as Arturo

Sandoval, Dee Light, The O’Jays, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Cheap Trick, Rickie Lee

Jones, Morris Day, Salt n’ Pepper, Celine Dion, Lyle Lovett, The Temptations,

Alabama, to name a few.

HEAT RECORDS was formed in 1993, happily returning him to his jazz-fusion

roots. His first album “HEAT BECOMES LIGHT” featured Jamie Glaser

(Manhattan Transfer, Chick Corea and the Electrik band, Jean Luc Ponty on guitar,

Ray Frisbie, and Ed Smith. He has also produced John Stowell, Stanley Sagov,

Underthings, as well as Indie Alternative bands on his label.

In the 90’s he was introduced to film score composer, BILL CONTI, which led

him down an unexpected path of FILM SCORING and MUSIC EDITING. He

has worked on more than 35 feature films for various composers including Bill

Conti, George Fenton, John Frizzell, Mark Isham, Reinhold Heil, Johnny Klimek,

the London Symphony and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestras.

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