Opus was recorded January and February 2006.I wrote all the songs except Opus 11 in November and December 2005. I composed Opus 1 threw 10 in order which I've never done before, the stream of conciseness just happened that way. I could not think of any song titles, so "Opus" became the title for each work. Opus 11 aka Dex circa 1979 was a old song I wrote in 1979 as a student at the Berklee College of Music, Boston. The song originally appeared on a album by Frank Macchia called "Bogga Bogga" in 1980. Please NOTE, Opus 6 is available on this site, but not on the album due to length, it features guitarist Jeff Miley, who play's his ass off, so it was a difficult decision to leave the song off the album, but that's show biz.

I used John Lewis on drums, who is also a friend and brother to me. Steve Weingart plays all the burning synth and keyboard solo's on this album. Steve is a musician beyond the outer planets, he can play anything, yet his great vibe and inspiration really separates him from the rest. Jeff Miley is the best young guitarist in Los Angeles, he's a star on the rise.(that's my opinion)

I just like to end by saying thanks to all the great musician's in my life who make it possible to keep bangin' that gong....


Tommy Lockett