Here are some cool pictures of various basses I own. The custom 4 string fretless was made by Mark Campellone, in 1979. The bass is serial number 22, or Opus 22 as Mark called it. Mark doesn't make basses anymore, but he is a famous archtop guitar builder now. The 1965 National "Map" bass is very rare, National no longer makes basses, and this model ran from 1955-1965. The acoustic bass is a "Kay" bass made in 1942 in very good condition, and sounds quite good for a 3/4 size bass. There's one Italia Modalia bass, that looked so cool I had to buy it, but to my surprise it sounded great. The custom 5 string fretless, and 6 string fretted are made by Ken Lawrence, a luthier, of fine basses and guitars. Ken has a growing reputation throughout the world as building the finest sounding basses today. The other basses are Fenders, and they all sound incredible. Check back as I will be posting more pictures of some other unusual basses I own.